Island tours, shore excursions for cruise ships, off-island trips, information and advice; we put you in touch with providers of services we do not supply ourselves, i.e day tours to the Grenadines, sailing, snorkelling, golf, diving, "adventure jeeping" ...
We do not believe in rushing you, nor in cramming too many into one vehicle, nor too much into one day.

We keep innovating, and will happily tailor-make trips for individuals, groups and special interest tourists. Subject to guests' wishes, we can add to / amend standard tours.

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We are here to provide a service for guests

  • who want to see as much as possible in a day;
  • who want to see our gardens, forts, beaches, forest, spices, waterfalls, cocoa, rum distilleries…;
  • who want the security of an established firm with experienced guides, regularly-maintained vehicles and the understanding that you have to be back at your ship on time.
We can provide tours / experiences

  • for whole ships,
  • for people travelling on their own, including those who may be a bit nervous about venturing alone into the unknown;
  • for families;
  • for groups both pre-planned and spontaneous (i.e the nice people from the cabin opposite, or the couple we met at dinner.)
  • and for travel agents who are sending / escorting special interest groups on cruises.

We will take you

  • on set routes to visit the ‘must-sees’;
  • or off the beaten track;
  • to a programme of your own devising, maybe to match your interests (Walking? photography? botany? Just tell us how you’d like to spend your time here.)
  • sometimes, routes will be similar to those followed by other cruise shippers, but you will be going at your own pace, with your own guide, adding or skipping stops at will.
What we will not do:

  • short-change you when it comes to information;
  • take you on a shopping tour (unless that’s what you want. We will introduce you to spices, though. And recommend our excellent chocolate.)
  • if at all possible: take you to the must-sees when they are most likely to be overcrowded!

We do not mix hotel and cruise ship guests on tours, since it is virtually impossible to get the timing right: someone is always kept waiting (or rushed), which we want to avoid.
Depending on the timing of cruise ship calls, we can offer the same routes and stops as on our standard tours, though we recommend the flexibility of a private tour (ending at the beach if you wish.)

When you contact us to make an enquiry or a booking:
Please mention the name of the ship and the date of its call in Grenada;
Also tell us the times of arrival and departure of the ship, and the number of people in your group.

Please note that we only offer private tours to cruise shippers. We have tried group tours but it was not a successful attempt, as ship call times vary and rarely enable us to offer our standard advertised tours. (Though if you want to bring your own group, that is fine with us!)

When you come into contact with Sunsation by e mail, by phone, at the airport, in your hotel or on tour, you are likely to come into contact with one or more of the following:

Co-founder, managing director, presiding spirit. Encyclopedic knowledge of all things Grenadian & touristy (and most other things.) Usually to be found flitting around hotels looking after Virgin Holidays guests, in between travel trade fairs abroad.

Increasingly ‘emeritus’. May be in the office or on the road, speaking English or German.
Writes, takes pictures, walks a lot, and forgets things.
Used to be English.
Jane Nurse joined us in April 2017.
Bewilderingly brisk and versatile, she is bilingual (German / English), is a keen environmentalist and an enthusiastic traveller.
One of our most stalwart, philosophical, wry and popular tour guides. He is also responsible for day-to-day maintenance of our vehicles. Married 17.12.05, the marriage arranged by his daughter.
is office-bound. Val holds the purse-strings. She is the firm’s repository of wisdom, wit and common-sense. Presides admirably and painlessly over the rest of us, gets things done.
Andrea (from Hamburg) works with us during the cruise ship time of year, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to port organisation. May leave the office to do a tour or two in German in the high season. Collects penguins.
Will probably be the one to whisk you away from the airport and take you to your hotel. (He lives between the hotels and the airport, so is open to exploitation.) But he knows his way around the Island and its sights as well.
To be found (wo)manning the reception desk at our office.
She is also 'director of operations' at the airport, making sure that you get off to your hotel. She also helps put cruise ship guests onto the right buses. Frighteningly organised, but pleasant with it.
Is a comparative newcomer to Sunsation, but not to tourism or to guiding around Grenada. Easygoing but shrewd, and determined that his guests are well-informed and have a good time.
Has been with Sunsation since the beginning (1990). Knows the island like the back of his hand, and is keen to share it with you. A most accomplished maker of fish broth (and a good deal else.) When not in uniform, shirt and shoe colour match.

IMarcia joined us in 2016. She is the one most likely to respond to your email enquiries and bookings. Holder of an MBA in International Business, she enjoys event planning and collects fridge magnets.
If you are looking for a ground handler, by all means DO look further, (you have choice on Grenada), but please keep in mind our values.

We offer a personal service. Since we have our own vehicles, we can collect up to eight passengers per flight from the airport (local regulations mean that we have to put any extra people on taxis), and give assistance if needed (i.e. with lost luggage). All our guests are 'met and greeted' by us, at least.

We are low-key, or high profile, as guests wish. We visit guests in hotels an average of three times a week, if that is what they want. We are not a high pressure sales force dependent on commission, so we are available on guests' terms: frequently, or hardly at all; for a chat, to solve problems... but primarily with the simple intention of seeing that they get the most out of their time here

We are available. Our office is staffed for at least nine hours a day, and it is in the middle of the hotel belt: a 15 minute walk from many hotels. Many guests drop in for a browse and a chat. Outside hours, we really do listen to messages on the' voicemail', and we can call it up from our homes. Obviously, we can be reached by mobile phone too. Although we are a small firm, there are enough of us to cover for colleagues in the case of unavailability.

Tour Operators: we communicate with you. We tell you what is going on in Grenada, (and we hope you will keep us briefed too.) We expect to check your product descriptions, and help you provide an accurate picture of the destination.

We are here to recommend services, but do so on the basis of past customer satisfaction, not (just) of personal preferences.

We are aware that every destination has its deficiencies. We welcome being made aware of Grenada's shortcomings, so that we can lobby for improvements We invite constructive criticism about ourselves, too.

We can offer 'Transfers Only', i.e including 'meet & greet' at the airport; excluding hotel visits & briefing

We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs. The treatment your guests receive here reflects on you

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