Coming to Grenada on a cruise ship? Congratulations!

Did you know that in a recent survey on board a ship that called at nine Caribbean islands, Grenada was voted ‘best island’ by no less than 85% of the guests?

That’s because of the Island itself (lush, varied, something for everyone…)
…because of the welcoming people and the generally safe ambience;
…and (modest blush) because of the services we provided (we hope.)

Seriously, we do hear, quite often, “The best Caribbean island we’ve been to.”
We’d like to hear you say that too.

Having selected a wonderful island, you deserve to see it in the best way.

We are here to provide a service for guests

  • who want to see as much as possible in a day;
  • who want to see our gardens, forts, beaches, forest, spices, waterfalls, cocoa, rum distilleries…;
  • who want the security of an established firm with experienced guides, regularly-maintained vehicles and the understanding that you have to be back at your ship on time.
We can provide tours / experiences

  • for whole ships,
  • for people travelling on their own, including those who may be a bit nervous about venturing alone into the unknown;
  • for families;
  • for groups both pre-planned and spontaneous (i.e the nice people from the cabin opposite, or the couple we met at dinner.)
  • and for travel agents who are sending / escorting special interest groups on cruises.

We will take you

  • on set routes to visit the ‘must-sees’;
  • or off the beaten track;
  • to a programme of your own devising, maybe to match your interests (Walking? photography? botany? Just tell us how you’d like to spend your time here.)
  • sometimes, routes will be similar to those followed by other cruise shippers, but you will be going at your own pace, with your own guide, adding or skipping stops at will.
What we will not do:

  • short-change you when it comes to information;
  • take you on a shopping tour (unless that’s what you want. We will introduce you to spices, though. And recommend our excellent chocolate.)
  • if at all possible: take you to the must-sees when they are most likely to be overcrowded!

We do not mix hotel and cruise ship guests on tours, since it is virtually impossible to get the timing right: someone is always kept waiting (or rushed), which we want to avoid.
Depending on the timing of cruise ship calls, we can offer the same routes and stops as on our standard tours, though we recommend the flexibility of a private tour (ending at the beach if you wish.)

When you contact us to make an enquiry or a booking:
Please mention the name of the ship and the date of its call in Grenada;
Also tell us the times of arrival and departure of the ship, and the number of people in your group.

Please note that we only offer private tours to cruise shippers. We have tried group tours but it was not a successful attempt, as ship call times vary and rarely enable us to offer our standard advertised tours. (Though if you want to bring your own group, that is fine with us!)

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