Grenada is blessed with many gardens, both public and private, with a profusion of tropical flora. It is no wonder that, with the organisational and artistic genius of Suzanne Gaywood and her teams based in Grenada and in England, this little island has won Gold at Chelsea Flower Show eleven times. So far.

Some say that whole of Grenada is a botanical garden, just as it is. We agree. We have been described as a ‘botanical hotspot’. Yet there are so many sites that showcase different aspects of this botanical splendour that we think you ought to experience some.

Apart from the visual impact of tropical blooms, our botany is an education. ‘Bush medicine’ has cures for coughs and fevers, joint pains, skin problems …just about everything. It’s been used for generations. Grenadians do not, on the whole, die young.

Interested? Here are nine of the best gardens to visit:

De La Grenade’s* Nutmeg Garden. Attached to and supplying De La Grenade Industries’ jam, liqueur, syrup and drink concentrates factory, which you also get to see. Compact and brimming with the flavours of nature, many of which you can sample.

Gemma’s Eden A quirky private garden, a real labour of love, with an effervescent owner who exudes hospitality. Shady and steep (hence unsuitable for the handicapped), this is a treasure trove of everything: fruit, veg, and flowers; cocoa, cacti and callaloo; and benches to admire it all from…

Hyde Park* built on a slope looking down on St. George’s, this private home has a magnificent view of the Carenage, across town and out to sea. An impressive orchid collection, a wide range of other plants, many different palms …and Grenadian hospitality.

Laura Minor Spices As the name suggests, you will see nutmeg, cinnamon, pimento, ginger, turmeric, vanilla etc. There’s also a section devoted to herbs with medicinal uses, and many fruit trees. Botanical / agricultural Grenada in a nutshell.

Sunnyside* an extensive large showpiece garden with magnificent views, and a huge range of flowering trees, shrubs and flowers. And plenty of koi carp in the ponds. Rightly featured on the UK’s Channel 4 programme ‘Gardens of the Caribbean’.

Smithy’s An attractive, mature, spacious family garden in a delightful residential area, attractively zoned, cocooning the house with a wealth of shrubs, trees and pot plants.

St. Rose Supplier of plants to everyone else! There is an extensive nursery, and a compact, concentrated garden area. All the profusion and diversity you could wish for a real cornucopia.

Palm Trees A superb new two-acre garden with 25+ species of palm trees, anthuriums galore, a pond and a little rockery. Already vivid, it is brought to life by the enthusiasm of the man of vision who created it: Lawrence Lambert CBE. It is hidden in glorious countryside with magnificent coastal views. Flower arranging possible if numbers permit.

* We routinely feature several of these gardens on our tours:
Sunnyside & Hyde Park in ‘Homes & Gardens’;
De' La Grenade : 'Southern Flavours'
But there is no need to confine yourself to these. Many have asked us to organize a visit to a different mix, or indeed to all of the above gardens, in the course of several days. There’s plenty to see on Grenada, many different approaches when it comes to man’s creativity in shaping and presenting nature’s colourful profusion. Laura, Gemma’s Eden and ‘Palm Trees’ make an excellent combination, being almost side-by-side.

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