Once you enter the Estate you won't want to leave... This is the perfect place for a relaxing Friday afternoon tea or to book for family gatherings, birthdays, special occasions and cultural events. You can also bring a good book or art supplies and let the serene surroundings inspire you!

5 hours

We take you on an unhurried half-day visit to two domestic gardens, each with a profusion of tropical flowers and shrubs. This morning tour will leave you in no doubt as to why Grenada won Gold at Chelsea Flower Show fifteen times, and counting...

3 hours

Spend a lively Saturday morning exploring the treasures of St. George’s peppered by interesting anecdotes from your local guide

2 hours

Enter the world of pan - a musical experience of the soul!

4 hours

Visit the organic plantation area and hear about the unique social set-up of the the Crayfish Bay Estate. (Nobody is employed). See the only charcoal-fired cocoa bean roaster in the world (as far as we know).

4 hours

Experience a trip of the special kind! Immerse yourself in Grenadian art by drawing and painting in mixed media. Discover a personal interpretation of beautiful Grenadian motifs while learning from Mrs Suelin in her studio.

4 hours

A must do experience for all garden lovers! Visit two of Grenada’s most beautiful gardens followed by a flower arranging session and a delicious afternoon tea session you will remember.
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