6 hours

Experience the magic of a majestic turtle returning to the beach where it hatched, digging a ‘nest’, laying its eggs, burying them and lumbering back into the ocean. Truly awesome. OR: watch the hatchlings make their way into the sea. This involves a late night out, but is unforgettable. Turtle watching season usually opens around beginning of April and lasts until the middle of July.

4 hours

Grenada has a surprising amount of bird life, including the endangered Grenada Dove and the Hook-Billed Kite, and nine species which are endemic to the Lesser Antilles.

6 hours

A four-hour trip with the prospect of seeing dolphins and whales. Sei, sperm, dwarf sperm, pilot and melon-headed whales are resident; between December and April you may see many more than these. Take a morning out in search of the ‘other’ locals, with names like Short Fin Pilot, Sei, Dwarf and Pigmy Sperm. And then there are the dolphins: common, Spotted, Bottle Nosed, Frazers… A sighting cannot be guaranteed, but even if the whales are out when you call, it’s an exhilarating morning on the water. The best chance of sighting whales is between December and March
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