Once you enter the Estate you won't want to leave... This is the perfect place for a relaxing Friday afternoon tea or to book for family gatherings, birthdays, special occasions and cultural events. You can also bring a good book or art supplies and let the serene surroundings inspire you!

From 2.5 hours to 2 nights / 3 days

Cruising on Corsair is a special way to spend time with your loved ones, a unique experience on the water in Grenada, an extraordinary way to travel to the Tobago Cays and the Grenadines, a relaxing sunset cruise, an exciting snorkeling or scuba diving experience in the Caribbean, or good food and company on a comfortable classy ship.

4+ hours

This walk is muddy in the rainy season, so do not come in your best clothes! It is not a difficult walk, but there will be some careful balancing required as you cross a stream on rounded stepping stones.

2.5 - 3.5 hours

Exploring Grenada through our bicycle tours is the perfect way to get up “close up and personal” with the island. Discover secluded beaches, spectacular viewpoints, and scenic back roads.

9-10 hours

This exceptional day of colours, sound and movement is the crowning glory of any trip to the Caribbean.

4.5 hours

A scenic hike up through the Grand Etang rainforest reserve to the top of Mt Qua Qua. Enjoy sweeping views over the mountains and the coast. A demanding and sometimes muddy hike that requires good level of fitness but will leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied.

8 hours

Pack your high factor sunscreen, your hat, your shades and your expectations for this awesome sailing trip

3 hours

Explore St. George’s from the Carenage, learning as you go about the history and ecology of our island. See picturesque beaches, bays and coves.

12 hours

Discovery trip to our ‘sister isle’ Carriacou - a picturesque Caribbean pearl of approximately 6,000 souls.

8+ hours

This is the traditional island tour, offering ‘a bit of everything’ for those who want to discover as much Grenada as possible in one day. Stunning views, agriculture, rainforest, coast, rum, cocoa, nutmegs and a quality lunch - typical island cuisine - are all featured.

6 hours

Experience the magic of a majestic turtle returning to the beach where it hatched, digging a ‘nest’, laying its eggs, burying them and lumbering back into the ocean. Truly awesome. OR: watch the hatchlings make their way into the sea. This involves a late night out, but is unforgettable. Turtle watching season usually opens around beginning of April and lasts until the middle of July.

5 hours

We take you on an unhurried half-day visit to two domestic gardens, each with a profusion of tropical flowers and shrubs. This morning tour will leave you in no doubt as to why Grenada won Gold at Chelsea Flower Show fifteen times, and counting...

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